Founded in 2019

Better B&B™ assists our Hosts in creating a Guest experience that results in a consistent stress-free stay for all our Guests.

The Better B&B™ brand is built on our strong belief in doing good for others. Our mission is transforming the shared economy by sharing the wealth. 10% of all fees generated by Better B&B™ are donated directly to participating non-profits across the world at the direction of our Hosts and Guests.

Each Better B&B™ Host chooses an organization they wish to benefit and what percentage of each sale they prefer to donate (minimum 10% up to 100%).

Each Better B&B™ guest can choose to donate directly to any organization participating on the Better B&B™ platform any amount they choose.

Our non-profit participants generate Better B&B™ donations by forwarding a custom invite link to their members. When their members sign up as a host or a guest on Better B&B™, a minimum of $1 is donated for every $10 in fees generated by activity on Better B&B™. Better B&B™ hosts and guests can choose to donate additionally up to 100% of their fees and more.

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