Better B&B™ is built on the concept of doing well by doing good.

Better B&B™ facilitates charitable donations for our Hosts. 10% of all revenues generated on the Better B&B™ platform are donated to the affinity group, non-profit or charity of the Host & Guest’s choosing.

Better B&B™ Hosts begin by choosing from Better B&B’s™ list of participating affinity groups, or by suggesting a new affinity group and Better B&B™ will send them an invite to sign.

From the moment our Hosts join the Better B&B™ they are generating donations to the affinity group of their choice!

Guests can also donate by checking the Donate box when renting on the Better B&B™ platform. Guests can choose to donate to the affinity group that the Host’s is affiliated or to make a donation to any participating affinity group on the Better B&B™ site.

Donations are always made in the Donor’s name, and thus any tax benefits from donations belong to the Host or Guest, never Better B&B™. As an added benefit to doing well by doing good, this can add to the profitability of our Host’s properties, as well as providing good will for Guests.

Better B&B™ is built on a strong belief in helping others and building community through the sharing economy. We are committed to continue to find more effective and more efficient ways to help the communities we serve.

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